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Hello! I'm making a horse out of fondant for the first time and I need your advise ... I want it to be standing up, I already made the body and I'm waiting for the fondant to hard up, I made the head and neck and I'm planning on making the legs later.
How do you suggest to keep the horse stanting up? my concern is that fondant is heavy and the legs not sure if they are going to hold it ... I'm putting sticks buy is that enough? I need it for Saturday, I hope I'm not too late!!
thanks for your advise!

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Hi Paula,

I'm not sure if it is too late to add rice crispies and make the horse of out of that?  It will harden up and you can then cover it with fondant.

Add a little tylose powder to your fondant to make it into modelling paste. This will make it dry quicker and hard. The rice crispie is a good idea. Good luck, Tracy x

Thanks Meera and Tracy! I'll try both, I don't think it is too late to make a body out of rice crispies just in case!  great idea!

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