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Hi everyone,

I have a few questions around a wedding cake to serve 400 people.


These are the tiers I am thinking of, it should be enough right? 1x2 pieces.

18" square

16" square

14" square

12" square


My question is, an 18" square pan will not fit in my oven.  How should I go about baking this cake????  Any thoughts or HELP please!!!


Thank you!

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I will be flying to Texas to do the cake.  I will have some of the decorations made ahead and will carry them on the plane in my carry on and pray a lot!!!  The rest of my supplies will be shipped ahead of time so they will arrive before I do.  Will have to shop there for all ingredients and will be doing the rest in a kitchen there.  This is the second cake I have traveled to do and after the last one I said never again... what was I thinking this time!  The last one was for our son and his wife and their wedding was in the DC area so it was quite a trip too!  Hope I get to see a little of Texas while I am there but not thinking that is going to happen! As soon as I figure it all out I will let you know what we will be doing for sure.  Am getting the sketches to her to decide on. 

You are a brave soul Jeri!! I wouldn't attempt this unless the cake was very simple. I couldn't imagine trying to remember & organize all my tools!! You are so use to them just being at your disposal.

I agree, June! I can't imagine making, baking, and icing a cake this size in 'foreign' territory. I think I would become disorientated. Good luck Jeri. We will be rooting for you!

I will need it!  I am pretty organized and it worked last time I did it so I am hoping for the best.  I need to be sure there are solid surfaces to roll out my fondant on and everything else I will ship down there.  This family has done soooo much for me I feel I owe them big time!  The dad is my physical therapist and I have had both of my knees replaced in the last year and 6 months before that I had back surgery and he has gotten me back able to do cakes again so I really want to hit this one out of the park!

The cake will be a western design and I am really excited about it.  Have sent her some sketches and waiting to hear from her.  Will post pics of the sketches as soon as I hear from her!


Well good for you Jeri....paying it forward!!!!  Post pics....the making of in a different environment to finished cake.

Jeri, I can't wait to see how it turns out. I have wanted to do a western theme cake and thought I had one to do for my best friend's wedding anniversary, but they canceled their party and went to Vegas instead! lol She said she knew her kids would not clean up the mess or plan it, and both she and her husband decided that they wanted a stress free anniversary, so off to Vegas they went. I don't blame her.

Wishing you the very BEST, Jeri on this endeavor... looking forward to see the pictures...


You can make smaller cakes and piece them together, just make sure your support system is holding the cake weight and not the cake itself. Use your board to make sure you sides are even...

Thanks everyone!  I think we have the design just about done.  Just a few things to finalize. It is getting close.  I only have one cake between now and then my grandson's birthday cake next weekend... It is a Cars2 cake and have made all the cars already.  You are always so supportive I appreciate it! 

Yeeeeh, I can't wait to see it...

I would make a 16",14",12"10",8"and a 6" topper.  I am pretty sure that should get you right up to 400.  Keep in mind that a square cake serves more than a round by an extra 4-20 slices per tier (depending on tier size).  I think an 18" square would be overkill.. it would probably serve 100 all on it's own

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