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Can anyone tell me how the printing has been done on this cake it doesn't look like rice paper?

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That's a edible image Wendy. And it would be on edible paper, which most likely is rice paper.  I have had drawings & images done, buy never a photo.  icing Images advertises here on CWB & is also a mrmber. Perhaps they might give you some advice.   :o )

Hope this helped.

You need an Edible printer for edible images, example Canon MP510 Printer or Canon MX700 Printer then use an edible paper called icing sheets. You can print any image you want and decorate your cake with it.

Yes Maria

This is exactly what I meant. Very $$$$, and if not used all the time, cartridges dry out. That's why I go to someone who prints icing sheets all the time. Better to pay them for the edible image than have the $$$ of owning your iwn edible printer.

:o )

I have one of the Canon printers, and the ink cartridges come with rubber caps to take them out if you don't use it often, and seal them for storage.  The print head can be rinsed with hot water until clear, and let dry completely before putting it back int he machine, but it saves the ink for as long as I need it to that way.  I've only used it a couple of times since buying it on Amazon, (I got a good deal: printer, edible inks and 100 sheets of "paper" for less than $200) but it worked great each time! I have a Canon Pixma 1P3600, the ink is good for Canon PIXMA iP3600, PIXMA iP4600, PIXMA iP4700, PIXMA MP560

edible ink

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