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Help please. I don't want to undercharge or overcharge. Picture attached.

She wants this. 10 -8- 6 inch plus that small cupcakes. All in strawberry cake, cream cheese and real fruit.  I will buy toppers as well.  My estimated cost is $100-110. But I am not sure if that is not too much. I live in very small country city. Bakers here don't ask much.

How much would you charge?

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Thank you for replies. I wish I could charge more but at this point, people would think I lost my mind. :) I talked to another baker in our county and she feels same way about it. People expect Walmart prices but great cakes. Something you cannot do without undercharging.

I do everything on my own. I only use homemade MMF, in emergency cases I would use Wilton but on decoration which wont be eaten. Can't handle the taste.

I make most of my toppers. I cannot afford buying them but it takes me forever to make them since I am too detail oriented. :)

Also, I try to find coupons but it is very hard to find some for baking supplies and ingredients - at least for me.

Ms. Julie, thanks for that article. It is so true! When I was doing my first wedding cake, I got $50 tip. I guess, the bride was one of those people who knew that my cake was not priced right.

Anyway, I am still learning. I do bake for one year,so trial and error is my thing. :)

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