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Hi all it appears that I have misplaced my recipe and need one ASAP. I am a couple of days behind and I have said I would make a cake for a fundraiser and can not for the life of me find my recipe.
Is going to be 14x4 or 5 and it as to hold up to fondant and it's the bottom tier
Anyone with a great recipe would like to share I would be so greatful!
Thank you in advance

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Hi Michelle,  a member has posted a recipe on this site that she swears by - check it out and see if you think it will work for you -

Hi Michelle,  I've just one a few times already and will be using it for the bottom tier of a wedding cake next week.  Have not had a problem with it and everyone likes it.

Thank you for responding. I look forward to trying them.
I had to change to red velvet. Someone didn't do inventory to see what she had so I couldn't even do chocolate. But I still can't wait to try the new ones. Always looking for great recipes.
Thanks again
I forgot to add that I am now looking for white chocolate frosting
Go figure

Not sure what type of frosting you are looking for, I normally make Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  I like to use this recipe because my family does not like very sweet frostings.  In the end, I mix in melted white chocolate.  I don't normally measure but I would say about 4-5 ounces.  I have also made white chocolate ganache with a 3 parts chocolate (some people use 3.5) to 1 part sour cream.  I like to use sour cream to cut down on the sweetness but you can use cream.

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