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hi all!!!


can you please help me with regards to this... heavy cream and whipping cream are they the same? actually i want to make a buttercream and heavy cream is one of the ingredients. can't find a heavy cream here. is the whipping cream can be substiture to heavy cream? or they are the same?


plese help me as i'm despirate to make a buttercream.And can also send me a recipe or share with me a buttercream recipe you normally use..


thank so much!!!!



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Heavy cream is defined in this country as cream with a fat content of between 30% and 40% (although we have seen it as high as 42%). You can often find it packaged as "heavy cream," but is also called whipping cream (or light whipping cream (with a fat content of 30% to 36%) or heavy whipping cream (36% to 40%)).

Half and half has a fat content of about 10.5%, and is definitely not what the recipe is calling for. Neither is canned evaporated milk, which is simply milk with about half the water removed, and a fat content of 8%.

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Joy, there are a bunch of buttercream recipes in the recipes section of the forum. Here's the index:
Joy, where I am, heavy cream and whipping cream are the same thing...I use it sometimes in making a buttercream

I use both but prefer the heavy cream in ganache. The higher fat content makes the ganache a nice creamy texture.

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