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Hard frosting for a cake dummy - a little advice please :)

Hi All you fab cake decorators out there,

Do any of you decorate polystyrene cake dummies? If so you might be able to advise me on this one.

I am currently decorating some dummies to take along to a pamper fair to showcase my work. The thing is that I've come up for an idea for a cake that I would normally use Buttercream for. Obviously I'd like to be able to keep the cake for another event and BC just wouldn't last. My idea is for a heart shaped cake decorated to look like a fluffy cloud - I'll pop a couple of angels on the top and some tiny gold sparkly stars too.


 I think I'm going to end up adding some bumps to the heart dummy and using white fondant. Then dusting a little blue & light grey in the shallow sections to make the bumps stand out. Or maybe using luster dust in white pearl. However, it's not really going to give me the look that initially sprang to mind - Light and fluffy BC! Any ideas on how I can achieve the look without having to throw the dummy away at the end of the night? Or is there a fake icing recipe that anyone uses that last......forever?

I look forward to hearing your replies.

Many thanks,

Tracy xx :)

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My daughter's home-based bakery is really NEW but we have been invited to a few events that I thought dummy cakes would be perfect for.  I look forward to reading all posts on this topic.  Good luck Tracy :)
i found perma ice / web site - htm works like butter cream . last forever to disply your cakes
I was just about to reply I had found the same product - Perma Ice here

they have all sorts of forms as well even cupcake. It's a nice site to snoop around in.
cool . way to go .

Thank you Gail & Vicki for your time on this one,

I'm going to have to sort this one out quickly as I will be displaying on the 4th of October. I'll post how I get on with the product. Really looking forward to trying it.

Hugs, Tracy xx


Perma Ice is hard to work with.  It does not handle the same as b'cream and really does not look like a nice, iced cake.

Who said b'cream 'just will not work/last'?   I used it all the time for my demo cakes in my shop.  It lasts just fine. 

I had some around for 2 yrs.  By then they do start to get funky - white gets off color and colors fade but then you really should be making new styles anyway :) 


Thank you sooo much.

I dont want to keep it forever, but I do have a few things over the next 3 months and was worried about how it would keep. I would rather use the real thing....I think I've seen the fake icing in a shop display and it looked a little soapy. Thank you Gail & Vicki, but I think I will bite the bullet & try BC. Fingers crossed.

By the way Lynne, do you have to treat the dummy cake with anything before adding BC to stop it sliding off, or is it ok to treat as normal cake? When I've covered in fondant I coat the dummy with shortening first.

Tracy :) x

Lynne, we are in need of making a couple of dummy cakes for an event 1 week from today. If we try the BC as you've suggested, should we treat it AFTER application to keep it from sliding. I've read where people were just using it straight onto the styro (either covered or not in plastic wrap) but i've never seen mention of afterwards. Tracy, so looking forward to your pictures and adventures with this.
i think you can do it with royal icing also , but as for using the real buttercream , and leaveing it for long time, it realy duz get funky , and discolored , i would rather take the time an use the permaice , than have the buttercream sit around , and draw ants, , i have buttecream and fondant sit around for 2 mo's its yucky sticky on muggy days , and the decos on it keep falling off . its looks yucky , sorry , i dont agree with useing real buttercream . but thats just me , you may want to try it , ; /
Since perma ice is not edible, is it safe to use it in Wilton ( non) throw away decorating bags and tips.  Will the perma ice contaminate the decorating bags and tips
Thanks Gail. We are entering our cooler months now in the UK and for the October fair certainly I will give the BC a go. I'm going to track down where I can get the Perma ice over here though & trial it at leisure. I might even blog my findings :) Tracy x

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