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DISASTER today me oven started leaking GAS. I was supposed to have a pregnant belly cake done for 5pm....Anyhow I winded up going to the persons house to do HER cake and it seem everything was going WRONG i don't know if I was nervous or what but I was very DISAPPOINTED in my work (she and her friend loved it) but I was not pleased at all......maybe because I never had so many ppl in the kitchen with me at one time looking at me work and to put the TOPPER on it I forgot so many things HOME.......UGH

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Sounds like too many eye balls were making you nervous. If they loved it, then you should be relieved! That's a good result after dealing with a big obstacle. Now they also appreciate how much work goes into making the cake.
I agree - too many eyes.  Most times I won't even let my husband watch.  It just makes me nervous.

That's why I love baking exclusively for friends - they are always more forgiving than a "customer". :)  I'm sure it was great (we're always our own worst critics). 


I've done a few demonstrations and it seems like nothing ever looks as good as it does when I'm doing it at home, but I think that's because I feel more rushed.  Most people don't understand that cake decorating is not a perfect science and a lot of what we do we make up on the fly to cover mistakes! :)

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