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Enter your Halloween cake by Monday, November 1st for a chance to win. Add the photo to your profile and label the title Halloween Cake Contest. All entries will be featured at the top of the photos page. Sponsored by SugarEd Productions andA&H Cake Design.

1st place: "Bows & Boxes" set of 2 dvds by Sharon Zambito of SugarEd Productions. Please visit Sharon's website for more details about this dvd set.

2nd place: Gourmet Decorators Pen Set from A&H Cake Design.

Please enter only ONE photo per entry. You may enter as many cakes as you like. Voting will take place from November 2nd to November 8th. The top 10 cakes will be displayed on November 9th and will be determined by the number of people selecting it as their favorite. Judges will vote on November 10 - 11. The winners will be posted on November 12th.

A & H Cake Design offers the some of the lowest prices on cake
decorating supplies. They also have quick & reasonable shipping

The winner will also be featured in A&H Cake Design's newsletter and
on their website.

Congratulations Julie F and Paul Joachim:

Julie F

Paul Joachim:

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ok, voi participa si eu cu un tort de HALLOWEEN pana la 15 octombrie, va multumesc pt mesaj.

daniela bighiu said:
OK , Voi participare si cu fapta UE ONU de HALLOWEEN Pana la 15 Octombrie , VA multumesc Mesaj pt .
Hi Tessa. Yes, i think more people would be willing to participate if it's closer to Halloween. I won't enter though cos Halloween's not a big thing in Nigeria. So no cakes!!!
I would love the the cake contest for halloween to be extended. I'm doing a cake a few days before and was sad that I would have missed the deadline. Maybe even until Nov. 3 to give people a chance to post if they are doing one on Halloween night.
We try to catch this when it happens. Sometimes they slip by us.

Ruth Suwalkowski said:
I am a new member to your was good to have another site to be a part of and get help and ideas from other bakers...but one thing i dislike about the site id the posting of more than 1 picture of the same cake, cupcake or cookie or whatever....i entered your last contest and there were entries of several views of the same cupcake! How can you enter the same cupcake 3 times? There were several examples of this in the last contest....i would like to see that changed....
Yes, please extend the deadline to Oct 31
I suppose that an ending date for November 1st or 2nd would be even better to give the time for those baking on the 31st to take pictures and upload their work. Afterall, Halloween only is that single day, unlike Christmas that is more like a "season" that extends over a period of time. I may be mistaken, but those are my 2 cents :)
Yes, I think changing the date would be better
I wasn't planning on making one since I have my daughter's birthday cake to do the weekend before. BUT...if the deadline goes til the 31st (or a day or two later) I'd probably make one so I have something to enter (and it's not like my kids would be disappointed to have to eat another cake...LOL)
I would like the date extened, will be doing a cake later that I would love to enter.
Extending the deadline would be a great idea; even til Nov. 1st would be ideal. I have dial-up where I live and it would take forever for the images to upload. On Monday morning, Nov 1st; I would have access to a maker internet server.
Yes, I think an extension to Oct 31 is a good idea. Here in Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving, and it is a busy time.
And if I may be so bold Theresa, I would also like to suggest the contests be in catagories. ie: Novice/Beginner( decorator),
Experienced/Intermidiate, Expert/Professional ( owns/runs there own business )
I always try to aspire to decorate as well as the professionals who display on this site, but as a novice I cannot compete with
there experience and expertice.

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