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Are these difficult to use?  Don't know whether to order them or not as I can tell how they are used - are they hollow on the other side and you push the gumpaste in.  Thanks for your expertise.  Susie

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I don't they are that difficult.  I got the ones with the birds and it wasn't to hard at all. You have to make sure the gumpaste is in there correctly and the outside part nice and flat.

Oh, also make sure you powder the inside so it will be easy to get out.

Thanks Ana!  Appreciate it!

You are very welcome. ;-0)

I have that mold. Just be sure to dust a little corn starch in each cavity before pushing the gum paste in. Otherwise, they kind of stick.

I tried to use these last year for a wedding cake but just couldn't get them to work, but then I was under a strict timeline so I'm sure if I would of had more time they probably would have worked.  Leave yourself enough time to play around with them!  Good luck :)

I can use all the luck there is, so thanks for the tip, Shuswapcakes.  Thanks to you as well Linda!

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