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hi all

i have a cake i need to decorate tomorrow with fondant.

the woman i'm making it fr wants to top tier quilted. 

I do not have an impression mat. and ALL the tutorials i find on youtube use the impression mat, coould i please get a blow by blow how to, or a link to one please.

Thanks in advance.

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HI, the other tool you can use is a diamond cutter, just be careful not to press too deep into the fondant, you want to make an impression not a cut, lol.  Start in the back of the cake and with at the bottom working your way up, then work with the next row, hope it helps.  There is actually a tool with 3 diamond shape cutters fused together, meaning you can use a single one, is only more work. 

Hi Heather,

As Sandra has already stated, you can use the diamond cutter. I have used one to make a pillow look. I posted an example for you below.  

thanks guys i found a tutorial and while it's not the BEST result it is only because it's my first time not a fault with the method.

I have NONe of those tools so it had to be all free hand.

here's the end result

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