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I am having some trouble with fluff landing up on my fondant icing when covering a cake. What measures can I take to prevent this from happening?


I am still learning and would like to start selling cakes as an extra income, but can't give a client a cake with fluff on the icing.

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Well, now, I am going to sound really stupid I suppose, but what do you mean by fluff?

And where is this fluff coming from?

Are you talking about lint?  It seems that fondant attracts any lint with a radius mile of your work area.  Start with your clothing and work surface.  Wear a white non-cotton top and wipe your surface down with a lint free material.  I use the Lysol wipes but anything lint free works.

thanks guys. i believe i am speaking of lint.

i am afrikaans so the only word i know (well knew) for that was fluff...   (blushing!!!!)


thanks for the tips.


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