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Hi everyone,

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I had done an eggless cake & cupcakes over the weekend and got some feedback...


1.  Not enough filling in the middle.  So my question is, how do you know if you have ENOUGH filling in the middle?  To me it looked fine, but I guess it was too thin.  How do you all determine this?


2.  Seems like the cupcakes tasted better then the cake itself.  Same batter, but for the cupcakes i just added chocolate to it.  I got the impression that the cake was not good :(  How do i respond back to the client to kind of apologize, but not apologize???!! Do you know what i mean?? 


Thank you all!!

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Well this is all a matter of opinion.  What you and like others may or may not.  I don 't like a lot of filling, but I know most people do.  So I add a lot of filling. 

When I worked in a bakery, the filling had to be at least as much as 1/4" thick.  I've seen it 1/2."  Yuck!  But to each his own.

As for apologizing, hopefully others can give you some hints.

I pipe the dam around the cake using a coupler in a piping bag and stiffened buttercream then fill the cake to the top of the dam.  Seems to be a good measure for the filling.  

I have to agree, filling is really a matter of taste.  On Amazing Wedding Cakes, Laurie, from Cake Alchemy, would make the filling as thick as one layer of cake.  To me that's too much, but her clients loved it!  I do somewhere around 1/2" with 2" layers and less with smaller layers. 

I am not sure if I would apologize about the cake vs the cupcakes.  Did they complain about the cake???

Thanks ladies...i think i will try the dam method, but you are right some people like a lot of filling while others dont!  Maybe it is a question that i would ask the customer??


As for the cake, i got the impression that they did not like the taste of the cake.  So i'm not sure how to get feedback about that exactly indirectly!



You can weight the cupcakes before and after in order to determine how much filling you 've added..

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