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Enter your cake decorated with piped figures by Friday, February 18th for a chance to win. Add the photo to your profile and label the title Figure Piping Contest. All entries will be featured at the top of the photos page. You may enter as many cakes as you like, but please enter only 1 photo per cake entry.

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FYI, figure piping is figures such as animals or people that are piped on to a cake using an icing bag.


1st place: Cupcake Figure Piping Video by Roland Winbeckler.


2nd place: 3D Cake Cartooning Book by Roland Winbeckler


The top ten cakes will be determined by the number of people selecting them as their favorites. Voting will take place from Saturday, February 19th to Wednesday, February 23rd.


To vote, select the cake you want to vote for and click on it. Scroll down the page and look for favorite which is beneath the photo. Click on favorite to vote. You may vote for as many cakes as you like. Courteous comments are welcome, but do not count towards the vote.


Please do not solicit votes on other websites. If we discover someone cheated, that person's cake will be disqualified.


Judges will vote from February 24th - 26th.  The winners will be posted on February 28th.

Congratulations, Sandy Morgenstern and Danielle Gouldthorpe!

Sandy Morgenstern

Danielle Gouldthorpe


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Yeah no kidding i had hard time with this contest,
Thanks for the clarification Eileen.  When I voted, I voted on the true piped figures... not too many there.  I was going to do a few to enter them but did not get around to it.  I have not piped figures for years so no telling how they would turn out ha ha ha!!! 
Don't forget to vote for your favorite Piped Figure Cake! Today is the last day to vote.  Please keep in mind what a true piped figure is when placing your vote! It's a 3-D figure, not a filled-in character! Votes will be tallied tomorrow morning and our professional judges will pick the winners from Feb. 24 - 26 and the winners will be posted on the 28th.
Did I miss the results for the contest, not sure where it gets posted at.
Theresa said she was planning to post the winners today.  We want to thank everyone for their patience on this contest.  All the confusion about what figure piping is and isn't was kind of a challenge for us.

Sandra Dunaway said:
Did I miss the results for the contest, not sure where it gets posted at.
Congratulations, Sandy Morgenstern 1st place and Danielle Gouldthorpe 2nd place!
Congrats to the winners :) I had such a lot of fun taking part in this contest..
And just to add a bit.... there were some people who were coming on here just to enter the contests and would invite everyone and their dog to join to just vote for them.... which in the end just became a contest to see who could get the most friends to vote for their cake not a true representation of who's cake was truly the best cake in the contest.  So our moderators came up with the new rules that the favorites voting determines the top 10 and then the moderators and some other professionals determine who the  final winners are.  I think they have done a good job so far... now off to see the winners of this contest... Have not been to the photo section yet tonight.  I know which were my favorites!!!
And to add just a little bit more - when it came to the top 20 or so - there were many cakes that had more favorites than the top 10, but they didn't have any piped figures on them, so the moderators made the executive decision to eliminate them from the top 10 since they didn't fit the criteria of the contest.
How do we know who was in the top ten? My cake had some of the most favorite votes and was just a little confused by the results.  My goal isn't to take away from the winners would just like some clairification?

Hi Melissa - The top ten were the ones that were up for about a week - just those 10.  They were the ones the judges were looking at.  Your frogs and ladybug cake was definitely in the top ten.  The ultimate winners were selected by a panel of guest judges, independent of the favorites votes.  (Many times the judges are professional, well-known cake decorators - we keep their names confidential).


The reason we had to go to this method was some people were "cheating" by having friends and family sign up as members on the site, solely to vote for their cakes and we ended up with cakes winning based on nothing but who had more friends rather than talent or merit.  I hope you understand.

Yes I understand I was just curious.  This was the first contest I entered. I know there was confusion about the actual criteria for a piped figure.  I knew that much but not being part of a contest before wanted to understand the process.  Thanks for your reply!

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