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I noticed there are quite a few of us who have Facebook pages for our baking and confectionary talents. I would love to add you to my "Like" list and have you add me as well. Please post your Facebook page names here so we can all benefit from them!


Mine is Karen's Sugar Kreations

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I wish you well! I just friended you on FB.  Happy baking!

Kelly Chandley said:

I'm Kelly Gailey Chandley, don't have a fb for cakes yet. I just recently got into decorating (like 2 weeks ago) just made my first cake day before yesterday. Anyone can add me, I'm like a sponge right now. Any knowledge or tips anyone wants to share would be much appreciated. My first "real" cake will be my daughter's 11th birthday cake in 3 weeks. She wants a 3 tiered zebra cake. Had planned on using the Wilton Zebra Sugar Paper to cover the entire cake after I applied fondant but then I tasted the paper and it's HORRIFIC! So working on a plan B. Made a trial run with making black marshmallow fondant a few days ago. It came out great so next is to practice making zebra pattern using white and black fondant.

I just changed mine from Holy Crap! Cakes to Kentastic Cakes.

My name in facebook is: Miniminnie Lupa
My name in facebook is: Miniminnie Lupa

Mine is: Icing Images

This is a great thread, FYI: As we start to close in on our 1000 likes on our sure that you are counted! Once we reach our 1000 likes, we will be having a drawing for a one year subscription to iiDesign!  Pass the word!

Mine is just under my name: Linda Morris Wolff

Forgot the link.

Linda Wolff said:

Mine is just under my name: Linda Morris Wolff

A Personal Touch or 

Ipshita's cakes mamma bakes

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