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I noticed there are quite a few of us who have Facebook pages for our baking and confectionary talents. I would love to add you to my "Like" list and have you add me as well. Please post your Facebook page names here so we can all benefit from them!


Mine is Karen's Sugar Kreations

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Hi Karen Marie,

Magnificent Idea.

Here's Mine.

Thank You.

Well, I've creeped on many people's pages, and liked them so I can see your beautiful creations! I'm considering a page myself but, I mainly bake for friends and family so I don't know if it would be worth it.

Mine is under Kay's Cupcakes:


Hi Karen this is such as lovely idea, i will go your page now - Mine is edible print by tgv

I am a newbie to the cake world, but I love to make cakes! I haven't taken any classes, so I don't know a lot of techniques or tips. I have the cakes I have made under my name on Facebook, Delani McDorman Keough. Please add me. I am thinking of making a FB page, more as a portfolio. I will update that name when I make it. Thank you so much!

Delani's Delights is my page name

Thanks to all those who visited and like my page (edible print by tgv) i have returned the likes too. And thanks Karen for bringing up this discussion. Welcome anymore likes and will return the favour too,thanks.

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