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I cannot remember who/what company I got these 'lace flower' cutters from.  I need to find them listed on/in a catalog but dont k now how to go about finding them on line w/o knowing who made them.  Can you help me? 

Sorry the picture is sooooooo big.  I don't know how to compress it.

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They are beautiful!  I would also like to know.
I just googled them and they are by Orchard Products  You can purchase them from Global sugar art.
THANK YOU !  How did you google it - what term did you use?  I sooooo appreciate the help:)
They cost 17.99 at Global sugar arts. Go to Orchard products. They are called Lace Flower cutters.
you can also buy them at for $6.45. They are in the UK, so you have to pay the shipping which is crazy. So, you might as well pay for it in US for the same price.

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