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Would anyone here who owns a cake blog be interested in either receiving or placing guest blog posts? It is a great way to add different types of content to your own blog and to attract new people from other blogs to your own.

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i do not have a cake blog..but i am maintaining blog for current trends, sometimes i used write about cakes, gifts, flowers and etc.. 

I have a personal blog on Facebook.

that is facebook business page right.. sounds good nadia

I don't have a cake blog, but we have a general gift Ideas blog, it's not for guest blogging, because it's on a free platform (wordpress). It is url is :

As a hobby baker, I do not have a blog or a dedicated cake page, but I do have my cakes on my FB page.

A Fb page is really a better for local user to search in that area. Can you share the url of your fb page here?

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