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Hi at all,

 "walking" in internet I found this beautiful cake, it's decorated with horizontal stripes an I like it very much, but the question is: What tipe of tecnique is this, How I can obtain this perfections?

If someone know can give me some informations?

I am thinking about a cake for a man and this looks nice.

Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.

Maria cristina from Italy

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The youtube video isn't a complete tutorial, just a teaser for the DVD they sell, but making the stripes isn't that hard if you have a pasta machine with different wideness of cutters for fettucini, linguine, etc, or some other tool that will cut even narrow stripes..  You roll out the colors to wide strips all the same thickness, and start with a white and lay it flat, making sure it's long enough to go all the way around your tier,  Then use the fettucine cutter part of your pasta machine and cut the other shades of color into strips and lay them onto the white, one after the other keeping them straight.

Once you have all your stripes in line, simply, carefully, gentlyroll the length of your piece with a nylon roller so make sure all the strips are well attached.  Then cut the edges straight and to size, and lift it onto your freshly-buttercreamed cake so it's soft and sticky enough to hold the chocolate.  Don't let it crust.

Maria - here are a couple of links that may help you.  One of them is from Lovely Tutorials (where the pictures have come from).  Their tutorials are usually very detailed, but this one isn't so much, so I don't know if it will be enough for you -

The other is the person that actually made a two colour stripe with chocolate using a pasta machine -

ha ha Katy--Now you have the lovely tutorial bug too!

Oh yes Goreti - first port of call these days!  Finally managing to work out how to get around the site lol!

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