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Do you ever get tired of baking? Do you take a break sometime?

I am just wondering how you -fellow bakers dealing with that. After my week full of baking and standing 24 hours on my legs, I decided to take a break.

I started to bake only 9 months ago - and everything what I know now, I learned on my own.

But now, I feel like I lost myself.

I don't have time for me, for a friends, for house, cooking....

All I did was going to work and from that to the kitchen where I stayed til midnight or longer.

Besides that, I have to listen to my husband's complaints about not making any money - only mess.

I don't know...How do you feel about that? Do you ever feel tired of baking?

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Majka - I totally feel your pain!  I don't work full-time outside the home, but I do have 3 children under the age of 10.  I do feel like sometimes the baking and decorating gets in the way of family time, a lot of late nights mean I'm not getting enough sleep so I'm cranky, and a lot of time the amount of money that comes in is just enough to cover my expenses once you factor in all the paper towels, cake boards, equipment and ingredients.  There is a huge payoff in the way of compliments once the projects are complete, but I question all the time if it's worth it.  I am hoping to cut WAY back next year and spend more time with family - but I told myself I was going to do that last year. :)  I am constantly reminding myself that this is a HOBBY for me, not a profession.  Listen to your heart and decide what makes sense for you.  You're not alone!!

I am only a hobby baker and don't make too many cakes.  I bake only for family & friends so I can't say that I am tired of it.  Although when I actually make a cake, I do make a big mess and wonder why I do it at all. I really hate the clean up.  My husband hates the mess too and thinks I'm crazy for actually doing any of the cakes.  The funny thing is he was happy with the flower pot cake I made for his mom.  After seeing how long some of the cakes take to do, he says it's not worth it.  By the way, I took a look at your cakes and was very impressed.  They are really beautiful.

I too am just a hobby baker, so I don't have a full load on me for baking, nor do I want a full load. When I was about 20 years younger, I was making cakes constantly with several orders on a weekend and would get to the point that I resented how much time it was taking away from my family, and my relationship with my husband. So, now I just do cakes when I want to and refuse to allow the caking to take over my life. Occasionally I get bummed out if I over book myself on a weekend, because then I feel like I am not giving the individual cakes my all and just kind of throwing them together just to get them done.

Like you, Goret1, I hate the mess too!! When it comes to that awful clean up time, then I think to myself, what in the heck was I thinking?? I have two family cakes coming up this weekend that I am not looking forward to at all because I know they are going to be rush jobs, and I hate rush jobs. But, because I am also doing all of the dinner planning on two different days for the two different people, one Saturday and the other Sunday, I just can't put a whole lot of effort into the cakes like I would like to. Yeah, I am bummed right now and overwhelmed with Christmas too. I feel your pain, Majka. When that happens, it is hard for me to get inspired.

I'm about taking a break right now!...

It was a busy year for cakes and took away too much time...fiance not pleased, friends complaining, my body complained as well. There are times when I am working on a cake that I just feel like crying my eyes out because I wish I never had the cake to do, but you know you have to get it done otherwise you will have a damaged reputation. total sadness!!!

That's why I'm trying to take the biz out of my home and get help...I cannot do it on my is way too much...and those brides!!!!!!! Oh man!.. and yes...I have a full time job that I absolutely love...NOT!!!

But we stay strong and keep striving for the shop will be open one day...all of this is not for nothing!!!! all for great things....:)

Stay strong Majka...:)

My first thought is....Is your  husband correct?  Are you not making any money?  If so, you need to address this, cut your expenses or raise your prices.  There is no reason to bake for money if you aren't making a reasonable amount of profit.  And if you are baking as a hobby, you should cut back because your hobby isn't fun any longer.  You are in control of your schedule and the amount of orders you take on.  If it is too hard on yourself, or your relationships with friends or your hubby, you need to cut back. 

I feel like that every morning. I have no formal training and never even took a Wilton class. I started baking cookies with my friend co-worker and now business partner, George(the other Queen) we sold our baked goods to co-workers and called ourselves the Queens of Sweet. Then someone asked us to make a cake. We did, they loved it, we posted it on facebook and the orders for cakes kept coming even from people we never met. I got the bright idea to quit my annoying but great paying job to stay home and try to make a real go of this. I think I would feel more comfortable if I KNEW what I was doing but because of my lack of training and low self esteem instead of being happy when people challenge me with each new order..I freak out. Once I get into it and it's going well only then do the knots in my stomach loosen up and I am able to enjoy what I do. I am hoping that this will become less of an issue :)

Queen - that's exactly the way I feel!  Sometimes I get a cake request and I immediately say "yes" only to realize a week before it's due that I'm not sure where to even start!! Then I freak out - wonder if I should fake an illness - wonder why the heck I agreed to it in the first place - but then just knuckle down and get started.  9 out of 10 times it comes out well - but sometimes I hate the results.  I've never had a cake turned down, though, so I guess that's a good sign. :)

That's a great sign!!!! btw the "fake an illness" plan is hysterical :D

Well, I took a break after all until January and it feels great. :) LOL. I do some traditional Christmas goodies, some cupcakes and one cake but that's all.

I love baking, I love that challenge because each time I have to learn something new. When I have to make regular sheet cake - I don't like it. I find it boring.

About my husband and his complains. I don't think I am not making money . He just does not see that because I make little. :) I am still learning. I cannot ask much since I don't live in area where people would pay more. They except great quality and walmart bakery prices which is impossible. Just like you said, Eileen, we are "paid" in compliments.

People just want to pay for the product and not the service.

Hi Majka,

We have been in business for three years, and it has been a tough ride. At nine months my wife and I were working full time 60+ hours a week, raising our son and creating cakes. We combined would get about 30 hours of sleep a week. We felt the same way, we were not making much money because you first have to make a name for yourself. True friends and family understand, If you want to make a go of it you have to make some sacrifices. First figure out what you want to get out of baking, If you were like us we wanted to be able to be there for our family. The great thing about being a in business for yourself is you get to set your own hours. After you figure out what you want then figure out how much work you need to do to accomplish your family needs. If the work load is that great that you dont see an end to your current situation then you need to figure out why? Here is a tip DO NOT TRY AND COMPETE WITH THE GROCERY STORES! If you do you will lose! Our local stores sell a 9" round layer cake for $12.00, ours are alot more. The key is you are not just selling cake, you are selling yourself! Brush up on your personal skills, and always add a little extra effort to each order. a little extra might be a few cupcakes, might be some cookies. We are always trying new things, when we get a recipe that tastes awesome, we make it but don't sell it right away. We will make it for about six months before we actually advertise it. We have been making fudge for over a year everybody loves it, we give 1/4 pound with our orders and ask them to try it and let us know what they think. This opens the door to follow up and get more orders.

We are also self taught, and we struggled the first two years until our jobs got in the way of our business. If you want it, you can get there! You will need to get your husband on board, if he is always complaining it will wear on both of you. Maybe get him involved, and he might see how rewarding it can be for your family. Put him in charge of something small, then a little more, and then a little more. If he is working with you he wont be working against you, this will also lighten your load. (my wife started this and asked for my help with a cake, I was hooked from that point on)! If your goals are similar then it is only right to get him involved! Start him off with something he is good at, it might be finances, might be restocking and ordering, he might be that people person that can take the orders and keep the schedule. He may even be a great baker!

Having someone to share your goals, highs, lows, exhaustion, etc. with will make it easier and less stressful for both of you. If you have questions please let me know I am more than happy to give some suggestions.

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