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Does anyone have a good supplier for the plastic clamshell containers that will hold 12 cupcakes? I've been using the cupcake box inserts and boxes to transport my cupcakes, but I think that's more expensive in the long run than the plastic ones.  I would prefer not to have to purchase more than 50 at a time (one supplier I found had a minimum purchase of 5000!!)



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Maybe you could do a share order. I would surely be interested even thou I am located in the Cayman Islands. However, you would have to step up your number. It's an idea. 10 persons and each person commits to 500. I hae had to order large quantities of supplies in the pass but then it last for a long time before having to order again.
I have a friend that uses this site and loves them...

I bought 3 of the cupcake carriers from Costco a while back... they each hold 36 cupcakes in a plastic container they are fantastic. I wish I had a couple more of them. I also have used shelf liner on the bottom of the box and the cupcakes do not move around on the shelf liner. Way easier than the cardboard liners.
These are the ones I have but I got them at Costco for $16.99 ea...
I've used before. They aren't bad at all
I see inserts for Skinny Mini cupcakes? what are these, and how are they different from regular mini cupcakes?? inquiring minds! lol  They carry the 12 and 6 packs, either high top or low.  You could order 1 if you wanted too. 

Try this link. I have purchased containers from them. They're pretty reasonable.

I actually ended up purchasing them from  They were reasonably priced and you can buy them in individual quantities. :)

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