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I'm doing 10 - 12 cupcake bouquets for a Father/Daughter dance this weekend (they will be both dessert and the table centerpieces - cute, right?)  I've worked out how to put them together but I have one sticking point. Here is my plan:

8" plastic pots

1 square of styrofoam per pot cut to fit snug


Clear mini rubber bands (they were actually in the hair accessory aisle)

Cardstock circles

Green tissue paper

My plan is to put a clear rubber band around each skewer, about 1.5" down to make a "stop" so the cardboard circle won't slide down the skewer and the skewer won't stick out of the cupcake.  I'm going to stick the skewers into the foam and then put tissue paper in the pots to "fill it in"  then I'll add the cupcakes the day of the dance. 

Here's where I need some advice - I'm worried that the pots will be top heavy.  What could I fill the bottom with that would be cheap (I'm donating these centerpieces as it's for a non-profit organization), but will keep them from tipping, especially if cupcakes are removed all from one side or the other during the dance?  Remember, I need to do this with 10 - 12 pots!! So Marbles or something similar isn't going to cut it since that would be some major $$ to do that many.

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Rice may do the trick and a big bag of rice is cheap.

Fish tank gravel could work. $16.99 for 25lbs at PetSmart.

THanks Deah and Rima - I think the Rice is a good idea - I could put it in ziplock snack bags so I could still eat it later. :)

You'll spend more in baggies than you do for the rice if you buy the really cheap stuff.  Save yourself some time and toss it and be done with it.

I was thinking beans so rice... beans anything that will be heavy.  Even flour would work!!!  Sounds like a cute idea!

Would love to see pictures of the end product Eileen :)

Meera - I'll definitely post pictures.  I'm actually planning the whole father daughter dance (with some friends) - so these centerpieces are just the beginning of what I'm up against this weekend!  It now turns out I need 15 bouquets.  Yikes!

Is is my first attempt with some cupcakes I made with leftover batter from a different cake.  The ones I'm making for the dance are all rosettes - but I decided to do these all different so I could post a pic and maybe offer them for Easter.  What do you think?  The method seems to work out well.


Super cute Eileen! I like it!!  Are you able to take pictures step by step of how you did the bouquet in the pot? It would be really helpful! I would love to do something like this for mothers day!!

If its not too much trouble of course! :)

I would love to see the picture when you are finished.


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