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Has anyone here purchased any of the Craftsy Classes?  I have purchased several of them and I LOVE them.  So nice to learn from the professionals who are so willing to share their knowledge.  And if you keep your eyes open... you can get them half price a lot of time!


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Great Job Ladies! 

I have been working all morning trying to make my own molds for a cake I have coming up.  Thought I had ruined them and found out that I really had to tug on the lace to get it off.  Not perfect but they are useable! 

I am watching Collette Peters Vintage cakes Class this afternoon!  And am able to use some of the tecniques that I learned on the Jeweled Cake Class by Marina Sousa on the cake I am working on the molds for . 

I know Nicholas Lodge is a fantastic teacher.  I have several of his DVDs. 

Finished the Vintage Class with Collette today... she puts her peonies together with Royal Icing for this class!  Very interesting method.  It is fine if they will be laying flat But don't think that method would work in a boquet for sure.  Great class... got it half price so was worth the investment for sure!  Loved the brush embroidery lesson on it!

LOVE CRATSY! pretty much I have all of them, (except the ones I have no interest at all)... Even if you know the material, if you pay $20 each class it is a great source of information, you know where to obtain their tools, what they like and dislike, tools & tips of the trade, and it is yours forever. I have taken classes with Nicholas Lodge in person....quite expensive, and here I have him for $20...can't beat that. got a big laugh...(when I needed a smile)

Well Sandra

I didn't get to any of my Craftsy videos last week... long story.  But I did do some caking... and there was a mess, I finished vacuuming literally 10 min before hubby walked in the door from the airport.... hee hee

ps: glad I gave you a smile  :o)

I am spending spring break with our grand kids and was hoping to get to another class while I am here but we have been very busy with them so probably won't be any cake stuff going on this week!!!  Love my gramma time!!!


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