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I want to cover a cake board in mm fondant for a May wedding.  The board will have feet so it will be easier to lift and carry.  Will the mm fondant get firm enough on the board so finger imprints don't show?  How far ahead should I cover the board?  Thanks for any help!

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Hey Cindy

There is a video that might be helpful.  By Lorraine McKay }  website extraicingonthecake.

Go to Youtube and type in aine2. Lorraine covers a square cake board with fondant. She  also makes a fondant elephant on her "free tutorials" for members on her site. At the end, she also covers a round board with fondant.

I found that video most helpful.

thanks for replying, Jane.  I will definitely watch the video, but in the mean time I did an experiment, I rolled out some mm fondant and layed it flat last week and it is nice are firm, so I don't think it will leave fingerprints if someone carrying the cake touches it accidentaly.

Was thinking Cindy

If you want the fondant to dry hard & fast, add a small amount of gumpaste to you fondant.

thanks for the great idea!

Your Welcome

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