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I became legal to sell and started my business two months ago.  One thing that I offer that seems to surprise people are my frosted cookie cakes.  I have had people order them and are surprised they can have the option to have them frosted like a cake and decorated just the same as a cake.   People seem to only think cookie cakes can have a piped border and a message.  Have any idea why more people don't do this?  It makes perfect sense to me!  Here is a picture of one I just did today to give you an idea of what I offer to do with my cookie cakes.



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What is a cookie cake?

Your Mother Goose is cute.

A cookie cake is basically one huge cookie.  However, in my case, my cookies are soft and chewy so my cookie cake is as well and allows it to be cut like a cake.  For instance, for my 12 x 18" chewy chocolate chip cookie cake I make two recipes of my cookie and press them into a parchment lined pan.  I then chill the dough and then bake until lightly golden, leave it in the pan to cool, then lift out and decorate.  HTH

I've never understood either why the whole cookie is not decorated.  I've done this myself, also.  I won't eat it though - way way too sweet fdor me.


Great of you for marketing it!!

I think its just because people feel if it's a cake it should be decorated as such and with a cookie, they really dont think about it being decorated as elaborate as your cake would be....

This is a really terrific idea! 

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