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Congratulations, Edna De la Cruz for getting on Challenge!

I just wanted to take a moment to say how happy I am for Edna that she was on Challenge! I will be glued to the television when the episode airs.

Edna is the sweetest, kindness, most generous person you'll ever meet. She literally spends hours every day answering people's cake decorating questions. Few people are so giving of their time. Edna deserves great success in everything she does.

It goes without saying, Edna is an amazing artist. She's beautiful inside and out, just like her cakes!

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I cant wait to watch either! Thanks!


That is wonderful and can't wait to watch the show!!!


Can't wait to see the episode.
Congratulations..can't wait to see it.....

That's so great, Edna!  I can't wait to see you in my living room now!  lol  I don't remember you mentioning this on FB....why didn't you say something?  Or did I just miss it?  Well, no matter.  Something to look forward to.




P.S.  Sorry I wasn't able to stop by and see you when you were in NJ.  :-(

I mention it once, but didnt mention it much because the air date could be months from now and I can't talk much about what happened. It's by contract. So I was trying to avoid the


Congratulations Edna!  I can't wait to watch!
Okay, it has been months now.  Any known time frame as of yet for the Food Network Challenge?

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