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I need a recipe for a cake from scratch. I have a yellow cake recipe, I was thinking of subbing milk for rum, and somehow making coconut cream pudding or maybe just adding coconut cream? I wonder if I need coconut extract or rum, or just vanilla?

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I use a regular yellow cake recipe and coconut milk instead of regular milk. I also add coconut rum to the batter (not too much as I don't wish for the batter to be thin) as well as some shredded coconut. I add more coconut rum to the baked cake as well as some white rum (J. Wray and Nephew from Jamaica). This you can spray on or brush.

Thanks for sharing your coconut cake recipe, It's so funny mention ( J.Wray and Nephew) I'm an Jamaican and I use it alot in my baking.. Thanks again..

Wow a reply.almost 18 months later. I still never, made that coconut rum cake. Now I'm.a vegetarian and I try to avoid eggs and dairy. I want to make it though. Anyone have any good vegan white cakes or regular white cake recipes I can veganize?

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