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Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone has any tips on chocolate ganache? I was thinking of covering my valentine's cake in it but have never attempted to use ganache before, now's a good time than any as I've got to do it sometime!


Any tips? Any great recipes for the ganache?


Many thanks.



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I love ganache!!! I tried it the first time about a month ago... havent made a batch of buttercream since... HAHA! There is more of a formula for ganache rather than a recipe...
Chocolate: 2:1 = 1lb. (16 oz), chocolate to 1 C. (8 oz.) Cream
White Chocolate: 3:1 =1.5lbs. (24 oz.) white chocolate to 1 C. (8 oz) Cream
I heat up my cream and pour over my chocolate and let it sit for a couple minutes than stir to smooth. It does need to sit, I usually make mine the night before and just cover and leave on the counter, if you are impatient than just pop in the freezer for about 20 min. It spreads on just like buttercream, just getting it smooth with the spatula is tricky, but dont try to use the viva method because you will get alot of fuzzies on it... dont ask how I know! LOL! Good luck and I hope this has helped!
You pour it over the top of the cake and just push it towards the edge of your cake and let it drip down the sides. Then you can even the sides out. I would do this over a wire rack with a dish or pan beneath. If you do it when it's on the cake board, it will be a mess. It's best to apply it while it is room temperature. If you refrigerate it, you will have to warm it up a bit before using it. But, I have whipped it when it's chilled and it aerates and becomes a nice filling. You can pipe with this if you are using a large tip, but chocolate tends to get stuck in smaller tips.
I just made some the other day for the first time!! It turned out AWESOME!!!

"Snarkybaker's Blender Ganache"
6oz of Unsweetened chocolate (it has to be unsweetened). I used dark chocolate.
1 1/2 granulated sugar
1 cup evaporated milk

In a blender, process the sugar and milk together for about 10 - 15 seconds. Add melted, slightly cooled chocolate and blend on high speed until you hear your blender change pitch. This could take several minutes. I used a Vita-mix so it was pretty quick with me.

Pour into a bowl and let rest for at least two hours. Overnight is better. DO NOT REFRIGERATE!!

The two most common reasons for it failing is not enough cocoa solids (using sweetened or not enough chocolate) and not blending long enough. If it gives you trouble, add 1 extra ounce of chocolate.

We made ours with 9oz of unsweetened dark chocolate and 1 can of evaporated milk and 2 cups of sugar. Blended it until it set up in our blender. We had to scoop it out it wold not pour out at all. Let it cool for an hour. We spread it onto our chocolate cake. It was super thick and spread very well. IT WAS AWESOME!!! It set up after a while but did not crust.
I use ganache all the time and I love it.... It is not as sweet as buttercream... a bit more expensive but soooo good. I use either Merkens Dark Chocolate or C&K Dark Cocoa. It is best with the REAL chocloate not the candy melts but the candy melts do work I have made it with Wilton ones too it just does not taste the same. I coated an entire wedding cake in the ganache last summer then covered it in fondant... every one went crazy over it....

I make mine the night before too and put the plastic wrap over the surface to keep it from getting a skin on it then the next day at room temp you have the most easy to spread frosting ever! Tastes like the center of truffles!
You can also add kahlua or coconut rum whatever and it gives it a kick!
A friend of mine sent me this tutorial on ganaching cakes... I think she said she got it from Planet Cake
Very helpful... I do not use the syrup... does not really need it. When you make your ganache.. if you use a stainless steel bowl and put your chocolate in it then pour the hot cream over it the bowl stays warm and melts all the chocolate. You need to be sure you stir and stir and make sure all the chocolate off the bottom is melted and there are no chunks of chocolate left. Does not spread real smooth if there are chunks :-) Using Dark Chocolate I use 2 cups chocolate to 1 cup cream... use heavy cream not half & half. And for white chocolate ganache use 3 cups chocolate to 1 cup cream. This stuff is so good. You can make truffle centers out of it too... just let them sit then dip them in melted chocolate.
To anyone regarding the ganache! I have no trouble making and using it except for one thing. When I first put it on and it dries it is very shiney. If it is on brownies and I freeze them it turns dull. Is there any way to get away from this?
It is the moisture that turns the chocolate dull. At our daughter's wedding last summer she wanted 2 side cakes one in the TCF WASC with ganache dripping down the sides. I had it perfect the night before and boxed it up and the wedding was in the Columbia River Gorge area on the border of Oregon & Washington in August and it was 106 out and the humidity was 95%..... needless to say the ganache did the same thing even though it was hot the humidity turned it very dull and didn't look so great after it sat for a bit.... Anytime moisture gets to chocolate it will do that. Bummer.... but I still love ganache!

Diane Hulbert - Frosted Memories said:
To anyone regarding the ganache! I have no trouble making and using it except for one thing. When I first put it on and it dries it is very shiney. If it is on brownies and I freeze them it turns dull. Is there any way to get away from this?
Thanks for all the great tips. Looking forward to making this at the weekend now.

Any idea on how to keep it shiny?

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