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Hello. I am a newbie, and need some help. My granddaughter wants a castle cake for her birthday. I have the wilton

romance cake set. I was wondering if there is any way, or if anyone has any ideas for making some or all of the windows light up? Thanks.

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Well, how about this:  for the windows in the main cake there would be enough cake to hollow out a hole, insert one of those water insertable LED lights and then place a "glass" window made out of gelatin in front of it and then anchor it in place with icing.
Where would you get these water insertable lights? Sounds like an awesome idea.
There are available at all party supply stores and on line.  I buy mine online from sav-on crafts.  But I see them everywhere.

I just bought some of these at Michael's - they were on clearance in the Wedding aisle - only $1.29 for two of them!! I picked up 6.  It came out cheaper than buying the 12 pack at $9.99.


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