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My recent cake photos have not been appearing on the Cakes We Bake FB page. Was wondering if anyone else is having this same issue w/their cake photos. I can post them on the FB page myself but am a little confused as to why they were being posted at first & now all of a sudden they're not.

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Denise, I'm going to refer this to site owner and the other Moderators, as I'm not sure of the answer.  

Are you saying they were automatically going to the FB page, or you were sharing them from here?

I noticed the other day when I tried to share something, it wouldn't go and I did mention it then.

We'll I can tell you I understand it, photos posted from CWB to FB are random.....not all cake pics are posted. My last cake, posted July 1st, is not there. I think like a lot of sites, it's a computer logirythm. Computer chooses...and posts. No one "person" chooses. Hope this helps.... :o)

Katy, they were automatically being posted to the FB  page for a while but not anymore. Guess I was under the impression that everyone's were automatically posted but now I think June may be right about them being randomly posted. I had sent a msg to the CWB FB page & I don't think the person who msg'd me back quite understood my question. I think they thought I was having trouble posting pics. It's not really that big of a deal. I was just curious. Thanks, as always ladies, you are quick to respond & so helpful.

Your welcome Denise. Glad we could help.... :o)

Thanks June, it was what I thought, but as I wasn't sure, didn't want to say till I had it confirmed.

Welcome Denise.  Please keep posting here anyway, we love to see your work!

Hi Denise, I'm guessing you mean you have been trying to tag the Cakes We Bake page so your photo appears there. There is some kind of glitch on our Facebook page that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but we do have the settings adjusted to allow everyone to post.

Actually Theresa, I didn't know anything about tagging the CWB FB page. Don't even really know how to do that. As I said, I know that I can post pics on the CWB FB page myself but I feel kinda awkward about doing that. I may seem weird but it kinda feels like I'm tooting my own horn. I don't know why or how it's different from posting on here but it just is for some reason.

Hi ladies

Just would like to ask how I can join CWB facebook. I have my own facebook page but just don’t know how to link this with CWB facebook. Any easy way to do this or do i need to create new account ?  thnks

You can't join CWB facebook. It's CWB's facebook page. Used to promote CWB and pictures from the site.

June is right. You can't join but you can "like" the CWB FB page. When you do that any new activity from the page will appear in your FB newsfeed, you will also be able to like/comment on photos, & also post on their page.

Thanks Denise....I should have mentioned that...
Oh okay, thanks for the info.

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