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I hope it's ok to post  this, if not I'm very sorry and please let me know.

We are accepting entries for our cake decorating contest. Please send us your photo and description of your cake to We must have your photo by 8:00 pm est time Sunday October 16th!   The contest will run until October 31st. Winners will be announced November 1st!.


We are also looking for sponsors. If you know of anyone that would like to hear more about this please have them contact me.




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I agree, it would be way too time consuming to try to police every aspect of a contest - which really isn't worth the effort (unless a $1500 prize is involved:) )...and unfortunately there are some people out there that just don't seem to have a conscience.  I think having the clear set of rules for contests (as they seem to be on this site) helps because then people really can't question a disqualification if they didn't follow the protocol laid out for them.  Some small discrepancies are understandable, but the huge ones are the ones that discourage contestants from entering a future contest again.  The example I am speaking of in particular is one where a "nice" cake gets over 500 votes because it was advertised by the contestant.  But another cake that shows a little more skill, much cleaner work has 4 votes because it was not advertised or "shared" (this wasn't my cake, by the way, just one that I thought was a very well put together cake).  But that is just the nature of facebook, I guess.... You definately can't control the factors of that type of system - It is way too huge!

Theresa Happe said:
We have tested different things and you learn with each new thing you try. One thing we can't control is email invites. No system is going to be perfect and with so many participants, you aren't going to spot each discrepancy. Part of it is just hoping people have a conscience - something we have no control over.

Jennifer Hect Tinker said:


I understand what you are saying. This was the first time we did voting on facebook and I agree.  I just assumed everyone had facebook pages, so maybe facebook isn't the way to do the voting.  We use to hold the voting on our site, but people found a way to manipulate the system and they would keep voting for their friends cake.  I am open to suggestions on how voting should be done or how we should hold future contests.   Please if you have any ideas, please do share with me.

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