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I just wanted to let everyone know, that uses the cakeplay isomalt sticks and are having trouble getting the isomalt into the the smaller molds, you can use the silicone cupcake cups to melt the isomalt in, bend the cup into a point to pour into molds, then any leftover can actually pop out of the cup with no problem. I have the normal size silicone cupcake cups and I have a set of the mini ones.

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Great idea!  Thanks, I want to make a beer cooler  groom's cake and that will help. I melted 3 or 4 sticks of isomalt onto crumpled foil and it turned out wonderful, BUT it will take bags of the stuff to do what I think I need. Any ideas on how to make it look like more??  Thanks!

You could take clear cellophane or stiff plastic wrap and crumple it, gluing spots here and there with hot glue if necessary and put that under the isomalt "ice" in the cooler.

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