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Hello, everyone! I am new to the site and love it.


I do have a question if some of you would be so kind to help me out.

I cannot remember what foam core boards are for cakes. Where do I order these from? Is there a special knife to cut them with?

I want to make a standing cake spongebob structure for my daughter who is graduating.

I will also need PVC pipes to structure the cake. Where can I order these from and how do I cut them? I am at a loss to begin where to start structuring this cake.


One last "silly" question, how do I attach the shoes to the structure?

I am stationed in South Korea with my family, so finding things over here is very very very hard. I have to order, scratch make or improvise. Things over here are VERY expensive and much smaller quantities if we find them.


I did find this picture of a structure on cake fiction site, praises and buttercream. I guess I would use this structure. thanks again.



Confectionally yours. Sunshine Krisinda.

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You can use a wood board, not foam core. This is something you can cut yourself of have someone handy cut it to size for you. If you are creating a structure similar to this, you can wrap rice krispie treats around the feet and then cover them with fondant.

thanks a bunch. kinda hard to do here in korea. we live on the 23rd floor apt. ahahahah not like at home where we had somewhere to put our diy stuff. i may have to take it to the furniture makers to cut me a piece of wood.

i was going to order the foam core. still don't know what it is.

not a lowes, or handimart or a home depot here. suckkks right?!!!!

thanks sooooo much for your help. thanks.

You may find foam core may be at the office supply store--it's used for erasable posters, etc.

We have a clown cake sculpture stand photo that may also give you some ideas on the home page of our site--just click on the "Store" link at the top of any the Cakes We Bake pages.

Thanks. so much

That is what I thought it was.

Very few office supply stores. funny. kinkos etc. hard to find. they have school stores left and right but no foam core in them. guess no reports for kids where they have to have posters. they did not have any at the art supply store I go to for "cake supplies". ahhhaha

thanks for the information on the stand.

i will check that out.

s.korea is not a ideal place for cake decorators. they do everything small, expensive and very hard to find. they make everything for americans and ship to us. hahhhahha

thanks ladies.

If the cake is not too heavy, you may try the cardboard cake rounds, use 3 or more and glue them together with the corregation (spelling?) going in all different ways then cover them in heavy duty foil.

o, thanks. yeah i do that. but i have to order those. trying to find a alternative if it is cheaper and closer. i have to go to Seoul on base (4-5 hours away) for rounds on base if they have in stock. The koreans dont have cardboard rounds in their "cake store" just lil plates that go to maybe 8 inches. thanks maam.


See how hard to make cakes it is here!!! geesh!

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