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Hi guys,

Can someone help me determine the cake sizes in the attached pic.




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Purely guessing [those votive candle holders are about 2" diameter]

From the top

4 - 4" tall [almost as tall as it is wide]
6 - either 3" or 4" tall
8 - 3" tall
8 - 3" tall [6" in total tapered in where they join/stack]
10 - 3" tall
12 - 4" tall
14 - 4" tall
16 - 4" tall
18 - 4" tall

I'm with suziq on this one - those monogram toppers are usually about 3.5" wide I think, so that would make the top 4" wide, altho it looks to me like it might be nearer 5" tall?  And then the logical progression from there.  Clever of suziq to figure out the tapered one..........

hi Teneisha hun

looks like Suziq has it all worked out there's got to be at least 2inches if not 3 between each tier going by the width showing below each tier if your gonna make this one I really wanna see the pics  your cakes are awesome  xx

Omg! I totally didn't get the updates here. I made the cake...a version of was a display cake that I did for a bridal shop that is getting me business and this is what I came up with :) I did 6x4, 2 8x3, 10x3, 12x3 and 14x3. I bought the 16 and said heck...not my

Thank you guys for responding :)

Hey Les...I bought my dress  today!!!!!!!! *happy dance*

Wow. That is one seriously sexy cake even if its not edible Teneisha but then would we expect anything less of our resident Caribean queen x x can't wait to see pics of the dress Hun x x x

Beautiful 'cake' Teneisha, wonderfully executed.

Thanks Les and Katy :)

Les you are cracking me up!!!!!! xxxx

I now need to design my has to be simple since i'll be doing it :)

But we all know its gonna be one hell of a sexy cake :)


What have you two got going on that the rest of us don't know about lol?

Something good Katy...something very good :)))

Ah bless.

Teneisha Williams said:

Something good Katy...something very good :)))

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