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I'm not sure if I should post this in this section, as my business is cake related, rather than being a bakery.  I don't want anyone to take this as spam, I really just want to get our name in front of the right people:)  We make cake boxes, are a small, family owned business, and our biggest objective is customer service.  We don't want to be like everyone else, with minimum orders and automated phone systems.  Having the best quality and price of course are our other 2 main goals.  

If anyone is interested, our website is and our facebook page has a lot of feedback from our current customers ( 

Again, we are a small business and can't really afford to purchase advertising like our larger competitors, so I apologize if anyone is upset that I posted this here.  Thanks everyone!

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Nicole - perfect place to post this.  You might want to check with Theresa and see about advertising or sponsoring a contest.
Yes, definitely the contest, we are actually looking for baking related blogs, etc to donate some boxes to as prizes.  So by all means, contact me!

Thanks, I'm always looking for vendors.

Hi Nicole, I will get in touch with you.
Thanks everyone for your input, any help is greatly appreciated!
We have now "expanded" our product line, and have cupcake inserts, too!  I posted a listing in the classifieds, and they can also be found on our website here:  Thanks everyone for your responses!
Hi Nicole - I just placed a small order - trying out your boxes. :)  I'm interested to see your "time saving construction" - I hate the tabs and tape I have to use on other boxes.  Good luck with your business!
Thank you, Eileen! I will be getting these out for you today. When you get them, let us know what you think. If you hate tabs and tape, then I think you're really going to like our boxes! Thanks again!
I own a retail sugarcraft business. Id be interested to see your boxes and prices. contact us on
Sorry, I know we haven't updated in awhile, but we've been VERY busy adding products to our lineup. I know some people were interested in single cupcake boxes and also cake boards. Well, I'm happy to say, we now have both available on our website. And, we are working on a box for 2 cupcakes that should be ready after Easter. If anyone is interested, you can view the boxes and boards on, or our facebook page (921 fans!!!) under the Shop tab. Thanks everyone for your support. We really appreciate it!
New update!  Hey everyone, hope all is well in the cake baking world:)   Our business has really been taking off in the past few months, thanks in part to facebook, and also due to word of mouth.  I just wanted to post that we are now offering cake drums on our website, in gold, silver and white in most sizes up to full sheet.  They are 25% OFF the posted price if you purchase 3 or more.  Thanks everyone for all of your support, we have gained a lot of exposure since the beginning of the year, and I know "Cakes We Bake" has been part of the reason.  That means A LOT to a small, family owned business like ours.  The three of us are very grateful, you all are awesome!
how did I miss this when you posted it???  I don't have time to shop tonight but will be checking you out in the next couple weeks!!! 

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