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We get a lot of inquiries for cakes from all over the country, so we are launching a pay per lead service. If you are interested, please let me know. I'll need to know where you are located and the radius from your location that you are willing to serve.

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This sounds great... i live in Huffman Texas and can go to Spring, Humble, Dayton, Woodlands, and many more areas nearby!
I am interested! I'm in Airmont, New York (Rockland County) and I deliver to Rockland County, Westchester, New York City, Long Island, Bergen County NJ, and other areas on demand. I work alone, am not licensed and can handle 1 to 2 cakes per week. I need to upload some pix, but until then you can see them at I do wedding cakes but I specialize in sculpted cakes for birthdays and showers.

I would be interested. I live in the Chattanooga TN area. I also deliver to North GA and north east Alabama.
I'm also interested in this! It sounds great! I live in Northern Michigan, near Alpena, and am willing to go 1-2 hours away, depending on the cake....or can meet them for pick-up!
Definitely interested! I live in Fayetteville, NC, willing to go 30 miles out. Thanks for offering this service!
I live in Mt. Juliet, TN and would serve a 30-50 mile radius (including Nashville, TN).
1. How much business can you handle? I can handle about three cakes a week.
2. Do you work alone or with a team? I work alone.
3. Are you professionally licensed? I am not professionally licensed.
4. What do you specialize in? I can do just about anything: I do cakes, cupcakes and cookies; I use fondant or buttercream, whichever is preferred by the client; I do sculpted cakes, molded gumpaste figurines and hand-painting, as well as airbrushing, stenciling, embossing, etc. I am also learning to do blown and pulled sugar as well as starting to work with pastillage, so I'm hoping to start implementing those elements into my work.

Sounds like a great program. I look forward to seeing it come together! Thank you so much for this.
Teresa.. looks like most stick to their areas. I try to stick to our area within Central Oregon but I have delivered as far South as Ashland and West to Newport and Florence on the Oregon Coast and North to Portland so I guess I do travel quite a bit. Most of those are close friends... I do charge a travel fee depending on where I am headed to.
I really am about as busy as I want to be but if you have someone looking for someone in Oregon, give shoot me a message and I'll see if I can take it on. Sounds like a great thing for those who are really wanting to get thier business going.
its a wonderful idea, i am really interested
I live san antonio, tx
I'm interested... I'm in the Springfield, Missouri area. I am not licensed, but I hope to be soon.
I'm good for whatever kind of cake they want. Minimum I would charge for a wedding cake would be 1.75 per serving and I would deliver for free within a 10 mile radius and anything beyond that is 1.00 per mile (one way). I'm fine with my phone # being public as it will be my business phone as soon as I can make it legal. :) 417-861-9237
Hi - does anyone know when this will be up and running??
The first form we created has a glitch. We're still working on it. Sorry guys. It will happen!
I would be interested!! I am in Little Rock, AR and would travel 30 miles. I could handle 1-2 cakes a week (I also work full time) and would consider wedding cakes depending on requested details for the cake. I work alone but my can easily get help from my mother in law who is a retired decorator! my email is

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