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We get a lot of inquiries for cakes from all over the country, so we are launching a pay per lead service. If you are interested, please let me know. I'll need to know where you are located and the radius from your location that you are willing to serve.

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That sounds like a wonderful idea. I live in a small town but I am willing to deliver to a 50 mile radious. I am in Laurel, MS. and you can see the pictures of my work if you believe I could be involved please let me know. I am just starting out and this would be a shot in the arm for my business.
thank you
I am most definitely interested in this. I am a professional cake decorator and owner of Slice of Heaven Bakery in Fenton, MO. I am willing and able to handle the majority of the St Louis area. Please respond with details of this program.

Thank you
interested live in LA ca will go 50 miles
Very Interested! More Details please!! I'm Jenn from Millsboro, Delaware, I'll go as far as Virginia Beach South...and Southern New Jersey/ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- to the north and West! Thanks and let me know if I can be of help to you in any way! Have a wonderful Day!
Hello! I'm interested in getting put on any list you might have to send referrals my way! Currently, I'm located in Lexington Park, MD. I have my own referral system that gives customers credits towards their next orders for refering me to friends. I deliver in a 25 mile radius for free, any further for a small fee. My website is:

Thanks so much!!
I am interested.
count me in too...
Sounds awesome!
There are so many responses to this discussion that I don't think people who have recently expressed interest realize that we put this idea on hold. We tested it out and it cost us $25/lead so there was no way to make it affordable for people. I still do get leads from facebook and which I give away for free. So, join the group for whatever state you live in and when I get a lead in that state, I will post it there. Then, anyone who expresses an interest will be sent the customer's contact information.
I am interested! I live in Oxon Hill, Maryland and will travel up to 50 - 60 miles
Im in Kissimmee, FL. and I'm interested.
I realize new people to the site aren't reading all the comments. This got put on hold because we tested it and leads cost us $25 each to generate, making it impossible to offer to cake decorators at a reasonable price. I am still posting free leads I receive in the state groups. So, join the group for where you live and if you want a lead, I'll give it to you.
I live at Boston,MA...i m definitely interested

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