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Hi everyone, I'm going to attempt to make cake balls this weekend and I want a really great recipe, so let me see what your favorite is.  I want it pretty simple since it is my first time.  Thanks.

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I use whatever cake scraps I have left over add a little buttercream and if I want a touch of alcohol I add rum or kahlua or coconut rum etc.... mix it all together... make little balls I like to use my pampered chef little ball scoop... then I pop them in the freezer or fridge for a bit then dip them into melted merkens wafers.

A really nice touch is to make ganache and allow it to set on the counter for a few hours till it is the consistancy of buttercream then mix a bit of ganache into the cake instead of the buttercream. This is super yummy. You can drizzle ganache that has not hardened up over the top mmmmmmmm.
sounds awesome, thanks.

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