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How much thickness should the buttercream frosting underneath be ,if the cake is to be covered with fondant.

Does it need to be thick so that the cake is sweet enough for those people who take out the fondant and eat the cake.

If it is thick layer of buttercream ,will I be able to get a sharper and smoother finish on the fondant. I am getting conflicting information on the web.

Please Advise.Thanks


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Is your buttercream made with butter or shortening or a combination?
planning to use combination type. is it  good to  make a crusting type of buttercream or not. will that affect the fondant finish.Serious cakes has a crusting recipe they say. never had tried that.
For under fondant, we us an all-butter icing because butter gets harder when cooled than shortening. We cool the buttercream-frosted cake before adding the fondant. Be sure to get the buttercream surface very smooth. The butter gets really hard (much harder than shortening) so you have a firm surface for smoothing the fondant. Here's photos of some of our cakes
Not to get off topic but will your all butter icing crust well in humidity Marsha? I had a terrible time with my BC not crusting and saw your hi-ratio recipe on your site and was going to try it.
so How thick should be the buttercream frosting on the cake  be below the fondant. Thanks Marsha for all your input and guideance.

@Pearse, Since most people remove the fondant, you want your buttercream thick enough so they get enough icing with the cake--about 1/4".


@Pearse & Keegan

We use 2 different icings. The recipe on our web site and mentioned in my video is our shortening-based, crusting decorating buttercream icing. We use it for buttercream frosted and decorated cakes (no fondant). Butter has a much lower melting temp than shortening so all-butter icings do not work well for piping (get too soft). Plus the yellow shade of the butter will not allow you to get true colors like blue, violet, etc.


Our all-butter icing is just for using under fontant. Butter gets much harder when chilled than shortening so it gives a firmer surface to work with when applying fondant. 

Thanks Marsha! I guess, I was thinking that you needed a crusting BC under fondant to get get the smoothness and sharp edges.

You were thinking firmness, but instead of crusted firmness, the firmness of the already-smoothed and chilled buttercream gives a solid surface for the fondant.


You usually spritz water on buttercream before adding fondant (unless it has condensation from being chilled) so that would eliminate the crusted effect anyway.

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