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Buttercream Cake Contest:

Enter your buttercream cake by December 10th for a chance to win.

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First Place -  a one-year digital subscription to Edible Artists Network Magazine AND a $25 gift card for Amazon!

Second Place -  a one-year digital subscription to Edible Artists Network Magazine.


All items for decorating need to be made from an edible material other than a dummy as the base of the cake.

Only one entry per person, and only one photograph allowed to be submitted per person.

Your cake must have a title, a descriptive caption stating what methods were used, and what materials were used for the decorating, and the tag number EAN11.

You may not have any previous ‘favorites’ already on the photo used for the contest.

Do NOT place the tag number in the title of your cake, and Do NOT place the letter F with your tag number. This is something that the moderators do in order to ‘Feature’ your photo in the contest, and if you place this along with the tag number, it could be ‘assumed by the ‘moderators’ that your picture has already been featured and you could miss out on the contest. The letter in itself only lets the moderators know that we have done the proper steps in adding your photo, and is a clue to the other moderators that a picture has already been Featured.

No solicitation of votes will be tolerated. If we see that solicitation is taking place on a cake, that cake will be disqualified. Do not recruit non members of Cakes We Bake or family members and friends that do not belong to this site.

Entries must be uploaded by midnight EST on December 10th.  Voting ends at 11pm EST on December 15th. The top ten cakes will be determined by the number of people selecting it as their favorite with the favorite button.  Edible Artists Network will select the winners. Winners will be announced on December 17th.

Read through all of the rules carefully. If any field has not met the criteria of the rules, your cake will not be entered into the contest. If you notice that your cake has not been featured within a few days after submission, go back and reread the rules again and make sure that you have followed the rules properly. Make any corrections needed at that time. If you  are unsure of anything, add a comment onto this discussion and one of the moderators will see it and respond.

Congratulations to our winners:

1st place: Pink Hat Cake by Inoka Nishanthi

and 2nd place: Welcome Babies by Shirley Wilson


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when you say buttercream contest, it should be everything  done in buttercream ? I'm  asking about the decoration...etc etc 

Jeanne - buttercream needs to be the main element of your decoration.  So for example, a cake that was covered in buttercream but decorated with fondant accents would not be eligible.  Hope this helps.

Is There A Specific Cake Idea You To Use OR Can It Be Anything

Any style you like Linda.
Linda said:

Is There A Specific Cake Idea You To Use OR Can It Be Anything

where do you go to enter, do you enter here

No not here Debbie.  Add the photo of your cake to your photos on your page.  Put in your description and in the box that says tag, add EAN11.  A Moderator will pick that up and feature your entry.

so it is just a picture to be submitted? I am new to this contest . do you have to travel anywhere? I know it is a silly question..

Patricia, no questions are silly if you don't know the answer!  No need to travel, it's simply a matter of uploading a photo of your buttercream cake onto your page, adding the description and then putting EAN11 in the field that is titled 'tag'.  We will then pick it up as an entry and feature it.  Members can then vote for their favourites and the top ten are judged by the sponsor to decide who the winner is.  Hope this helps, any more questions, feel free to ask.

Patricia F. said:

so it is just a picture to be submitted? I am new to this contest . do you have to travel anywhere? I know it is a silly question..

Congratulations to Inoka Nishanthi and Shirley Wilson!

Wow!Wow!!!!!!! Thank you so much.I am really happy and I just want great thank for  all dear cake lovers who voted for my lovely creation.Congratulation Shirley!!

My Congratulations to you both, your cakes were outstanding. Also,Thanks to those that were kind enough to like my cake. It was fun being a part of the contest.

Ditto to what Betty said - first time I have got into the top 10,so I was chuffed to bits!

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