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Just wondering if anyone can give me a good recipe for Buttercream.



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Wow how decieving. I've never used Any of wiltons food products just utensils. If that makes sence. I don't need my buttercream to be pure white anyway.

Deah said:
I'm not an expert of clear vanilla - I don't use it. But, Wilton's bottle says "Clear Vanilla Extract" and then in small letters below says "Artificial Flavoring" so that one is imitation. I'm not sure how real vanilla could be made clear. My guess is that if you are using clear vanilla then it is imitation. Salted vs. unsalted butter I think is a personal preference. Some people only use unsalted in their BC, some use only salted, and some use a combination. You'll just have to experiment and see which you like.

ebony bardell said:
will it work if i use unsalted butter? and just to be clear pure vanilla is another way of saying 100% vanilla extract right? someone was makig it seam like one is imitation and one is pure. ive never bought or used imitation and dont even consider it at all

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