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Bling Bling Cake Contest:

Enter your bling bling cake by Thursday, September 22nd for a chance to win. Add the photo to your profile.


Bling bling cakes include shimmer, glitter, gemstones, rhinestones - something sparkly.


The photo title will be whatever you want to name your picture. To enter the contest, add the TAG 922 to your picture. We are also limiting entries to 1 per person.


All entries will be featured at the top of the photos page.
1st place prize: 


The Elite Wide Format Printer Package - $649 retail value from Icing Images

Package includes:


  • Canon Wide Format Printer 9600 x 2400 dpi, prints up to 11" x 17"
  • USB Printer cable 
  • 1 set of Elite Edible Ink Cartridges
  • 1 pack of 24 8.5" x 11" Premium Icing Sheets
  • 1 pack of 24 10.75" x 16.5"Premium Icing Sheets


2nd place prize: 1 year subscription to IIDesigns ($49 retail value) PLUS a $25 gift certificate to Icing Images (both to be redeemed within 60 days of winning)



The top ten cakes will be determined by the number of people selecting it as their favorite with the favorite button.  Voting will take place from Friday, September 23rd to Tuesday, September 27th. The top ten cakes will be displayed on Wednesday, September 28th. The judges will vote from September 29 - 30.  The winners will be posted on October 1st.
Please note that if you solicit votes from other websites, you may be disqualified.


Congratulations Rama Sola - 1st place and Emilia Mintz - 2nd place:


Rama Sola:


Emilia Mintz:

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Yeah, if you don't mind.

Kerri Morris said:
Thanks! I have lots of friends on FB who are decorators - I don't think they would join just to should I delete the post?

Deah said:

Kerry, just delete the photo you have now and load the one you want.  Be sure to tag it and we'll find it. 


Sharing the link may be pushing it.  We don't want people joining for the purpose of voting for specific cakes. 

Kerri Morris said:

Can I swap the picture I have posted?  Also I read that you can't solicit votes on other sites.... does this mean we can't share the link via FB?  Thanks! 
oooo bling... I love bling...
I'm trying to enter my Elvis Cake for the Bling Bling contest

Erin, ONE photo needs to be uploaded on your profile - just like any other photos you may have posted.  The photo should have a tag of 922. 


How to tag your photo -- on the same page where you add the title their is a TAG field.  Add it there and save.


Featuring the photos is a manual process for the moderators so it may be a few hours before the photo is actually "entered".  If you don't see it a day or so be sure to contact one of the moderators. (Eileen S, JJ Becker, Sherry Qualls, Theresa Happe, and Cake Fan)

Erin Coffey said:

I'm trying to enter my Elvis Cake for the Bling Bling contest

Ill try and come up with something to try and enter, This Contest , I would LOVE to win , But WOw theres already so many Great Professional Tier cakes in this contest WOw,

Wow what a contest this is going to be &  cant  Even come up with an idea to try and make a cake to enter this contest, Cool Prize for first place, So Love to win this, and we just received our first order of Isomalt, to try for the very first time, but dont have molds to make anything with isomalt ,, Dang , This is Just to Awesome
I was unaware of the rule that you couldn't link the picture to your facebook page! I don't want to cheat! should I delete the picture and re-post it?
I went ahead and deleted it and started over. I really didn't realize I was cheating!!! So sorry!

Time is almost up to enter the Bling Cake contest!! You have until 11:59 p.m. EST to upload your cakes and put 922 in the tag box. 


Then get ready to VOTE!

I'm confused about how voting works. do the favorites prior to the voting period count towards getting into the top ten?
Ideally, everyone would wait until the end of the entry period to select their favorites but that never happens.  There isn't a way for us to separate when the favorite was selected so all favorites count. 

Jasmine McAfee said:
I'm confused about how voting works. do the favorites prior to the voting period count towards getting into the top ten?
i see, thanks

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