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I would like to make a 3-tier cake covered in black fondant, I was looking at buying the satin ice black fondant but its pricey, does anyone else buy this? I'm wondering if there is a good place to get it that might be cheaper, or if there are any other suggestions, I looked on Amazon.

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GO here, and do this!!  LMM Fonfant!  The best homemade BLACK mmf around!

I have tried that before I will try it again thanks! Maybe you can answer this question for me then, when I used fondant I usually icing the cake before applying the fondant since I know alot of people don't tend to like the fondant and peel it off but sometimes it tends to be a little hard to work with, on her video it sounds like she just does a crumb coat under the fondant? Once I tried covering it with the mm fondant after putting in the freezer for short time but it got "wet" from the condensation and started tearing at the corners. I don't think I added pre-made fondant to my recipe that time though. Just curious how do you prepare your cake for covering with fondant?

Have you thought about covering it with Black Icing sheets?  Inexpensive and very easy to do.  PhotoFrost has them available on the website

I have a killer recipe posted below for chocolate MMF.. Tastes like tootsie roll. Since its already brown, takes very little black food colouring to make black.. If you make this, and do make black, add a couple of tsp of baking soda at the end and knead in well. This will set the colour. And definitely let it sit overnight as the colour will deepen. Hope this is helpful.


Thank you June! Sounds yummy can't wait to try it!

June is soo right!  This as the BEST tasting stuff!!

And I love chocolate!

That was my tip,Shirley. I usually use the baking soda for purple, and dark/navy blue. It stops the colour from fading. And you use only a tsp in about 1/2 lb of fondant so it's virtually tasteless. I've used more baking soda, and I've never noticed any difference in the taste.

I wish there was a like button for these comments, lol, I don't know how you ladies come up with all these good tips!

Wendy, you can click "Favorite" at the top of this discussion and it will save it to your Favorites on your homepage :o)

I've been baking for ages, and all of us have been decorating for a while, so we've accumulated information from CWB and other cake sites, blogs, FB, etc, etc..

June, I wish I had known about this recipe when I made the "Star Wars" groom's cake. It would have gone w/the chocolate cake perfectly. I was so afraid to do black fondant b/c it takes sooo much black food coloring & I dIdn't want the bridal party & guests walking  around w/black That's why I opted to spray it black instead but since an airbrush is not within my budget I used Wilton color mist & it took quite a few cans to achieve the look I was going for & the overspray seemed like it was everywhere in my kitchen which was a real pain to clean up. I will definitely try this next time I need to do a black cake or just want to do a cake w/chocolate fondant. Thanks for posting :-)

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