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I have a baby shower cake I have to do for next weekend. I've been looking at different photos and I haven't decided on what style yet. I have the colors she wants and she wants it girly, girly. Any ideas?




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She didn't give you anything more specific than that? If you have a few things in mind, it might be easier to make suggestions for you.
Check out the baby cakes on Pink Cake Box... she always has girly girl ideas and you can use them for inspiration and do your own thing. I love to look at her cakes for inspiration... they are so adorable! Her ladybug cake is soooo cute.
one thing you can do is make baby booties out of cupcakes for the top of the cake. you will need three cupcakes.
one cupcake you will have to cut in half for the toe of the bootie, line them up on the cake and you can star tip them to what ever color pleases you, add a ruffle at the top with a rose tip, pipe on the tie and wal-la baby booties that are edible.
I'm doing a baby shower cake in May. The theme is teddy bear picnic. It moves away from traditional baby shower cakes but could very easily be made quite girly.
I am getting ready to do a more modern mom baby shower...(it's a wine cocktail party, although obviously the mommy to be isnt drinking). She gave me open range to do whatever I wanted. I decided on a layered 8in round cake and all around it will be petit fours. I am making the cake stand myself out of glass plates and wine glasses.
I have a few baby shower cakes in my album but most of them are boyish...
There are so many baby shower ideas to choose from. Maybe if you take the shower invitation and use this as inspiration. There are times that I only get the invitation and depending on the invitation I use it or at least the picture and draw that on the cake.

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