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Am I overcharging for my cupcakes??? Opinions needed.

Hi, I am completely new to this forum and also new to cupcakes business. What I need to know is, if my prices are right. I am in TN  area, little town. I am working from home and baking is  my hobby and side business.

You can look at my cupcakes here:

I do charge $1.50 a piece for regular cupcake with simple decorations.

For nicer or fondant decorations and filling- I want to charge $0.25 extra.

I have no clue what to ask for minicupcakes. Probably something around 1 dollar.

Now I need your opinions about it. Is that price about right or should I charge less?

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Yup Holly
When you're right, you're right! :0)

You are right, Holly. There are always going to be those who want it for nothing.

Holly F said:

I think there's a lesson in all of it on the subject of cupcakes and prices, really.. MUST we get serious?  tee hee.  There are always going to be those who bellyache over prices if they are anything more than free.  We shouldn't let them throw us into turmoil.  We'll have customers at every price point.  Ha!  Full circle!  Watch the magic, girls - watch the magic.

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