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Am I overcharging for my cupcakes??? Opinions needed.

Hi, I am completely new to this forum and also new to cupcakes business. What I need to know is, if my prices are right. I am in TN  area, little town. I am working from home and baking is  my hobby and side business.

You can look at my cupcakes here:

I do charge $1.50 a piece for regular cupcake with simple decorations.

For nicer or fondant decorations and filling- I want to charge $0.25 extra.

I have no clue what to ask for minicupcakes. Probably something around 1 dollar.

Now I need your opinions about it. Is that price about right or should I charge less?

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$1.50 is a bargain for cupcakes like those!  I used to charge no less than $3.50 for design cupcakes, and $2.25 for regular cupcakes.  Mini cupcakes I would charge nothing short of $1.00 each

I charge the same prices you do, i live in a same town also. some ppl wont pay that much but i also do want clients that dont think my work is good enough to pay that:) Sometimes the same details can take a long time, i did alice in wonderland toppers and they took forever, i would charge 3-3.50 per cupcake with the topper.:)


You probably have to check the other business that offer the same service and products as you do so that you could get a competitive price range.  I cannot say much about how the pricing would be as I am coming from a consumer's point, which would probably lean on getting something at a cheaper value.

But I think your cupcakes look wonderful and would probably taste great as well, so pricing would depend really. But from the looks of it, they look good for the price.
When you are looking at servings, 1 cupcake is considered a serving like a slice of cake.  You shouldn't any less than you would for your cake.  If you charge $1.50 per serving to decorate a cake then charge that for your cupcake.  If they are fancier, then go up on the price.  In my opinion, if you charge less, some people would ask for cupcakes because the cost is less, but again in my opinion, the work is more.  Don't cheat yourself.

Your cupcakesare beautiful and i think your proces are very reasonabble.


most people charge $2.50 for jumbo cupcakes. I charge $24 a dozen with basic decoration but will add$2-5 for fondant decoration.

For Jumbo cupcakes I will charge $30 a dozen and $3-5 for decoration

While on vacation last year, we stopped in Breckenridge, Colorado and poked around all day, and the little cupcake shop we stopped at was charging $3.50 per cupcake. They did not hold a candle to yours. They were just plain old cupcakes without any bells or whistles. I know that being in Breckenridge is a tourist trap, but still....

We had our granddaughters with us and I asked them both if they had any idea how many cupcakes I could have made for that price, but it didn't matter to them. They wanted cupcakes! lol

Trophy Cupcakes (Bellevue Wa) charges $3.50 per cupcake $38 per doz.. nothing fancy.  Just basic iced cupcakes
I really do think that because you are not jsut making regular cupcakes, but specialty cupcakes you can charge up to $2.00 for even a mini cupcake.  If they are as good as they look, people WILL come back for more!

Your work is amazing. You can certainly charge more for the standard size cupcakes.. I personally charge $20 for a dz. Any special decoration with buttercream is 0.50 and up and fondant $1.00 and up extra. Keep up the good work!

Well Majka

I live in medium size city, and there are 3 cupcake places here. There average price ranges from  $2.50-$3.50. And for wedding cupcakes, they can range anywhere from $2.50-$5.50.  I think personally you are undercharging, certainly you cannot charge less.  Take into consideration all your ingredients, power used in baking, and your time + your skill level.  Just like cake, you need to check around your area, minimum of 5, maximum 10 bakeries, and see what they charge. Because you can only charge what your market can bear.

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