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Am I overcharging for my cupcakes??? Opinions needed.

Hi, I am completely new to this forum and also new to cupcakes business. What I need to know is, if my prices are right. I am in TN  area, little town. I am working from home and baking is  my hobby and side business.

You can look at my cupcakes here:

I do charge $1.50 a piece for regular cupcake with simple decorations.

For nicer or fondant decorations and filling- I want to charge $0.25 extra.

I have no clue what to ask for minicupcakes. Probably something around 1 dollar.

Now I need your opinions about it. Is that price about right or should I charge less?

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Your work is beautiful and fun.  I have a great feeling that they taste awesome as well.  There is a "small town" type gourmet bake shop in my area.  It appears to be "small town" but I've learned, they are more of a business for people to open and run themselves.  At least, that is my belief. 

The reason why I'm sharing this with you is so you can see their prices!  Check out their business and perhaps it might be helpful to you and your success!  Good Luck!

Here is the link, I think you can just copy/paste it onto your browser and it should come up for you.


Your mini cupcakes are awsome and I believe worth every penney that you want to charge.  That's alot of work, so don't short change yourself.


Beautiful job!

These cupcakes are very creative and fun, and they do look like they taste amazing. Honestly your prices seem right on point and I wouldn't go any lower in price. Just make sure you keep prices high enough to make a decent profit so you can keep your business. Over time once business has grown and demand is high you should be able to slowly increase the price.

Wishing you luck!!

The cupcake shops around here charge $3.25 for a regular cupcake and $ 1.25 for a mini (no frills) the regular cupcakes are pretty. A basic swirl/choc curls/sprinkles or pirouette cookies sticks..

My daughter (14) charges $2 for regular $1 for mini.  I guess it is determined by your location and what the rates are in your area for the commercial cupcakes.


oh! your cupcakes are wonderful :)

I also work from home, on the side, in a very small town and I base charge $2/cupcake.  They sell. 


I often wonder if I should be charging more.  You get what you pay for right?  If you want cheap, crappy cupcakes go to Safeway!  If you want beautiful, delicious (and slightly higher priced) custom cupcakes...go to a decorator :)

couldnt find you on FB

deborah pomeroy DJP said:

I live in Florida and started selling cupcakes about 1 year ago. I charge $2.95 for mine. Mine are all stuffed and if you want to see them I am on facebook at  " Sufftcakes"

I think your price is more then fair.

If you are selling cupcakes from home, do you have any special license or something like that? I really like your cupcakes Deborah :)
Thank you everyone for your advice and compliments! :)
You have to price according to how long it takes you to decorate, how much the materials cost. Fondant, fillings, candies, ganache, fresh fruit... all these things add to your cost. Fondant depending on the detail should start at at least .50 extra per cupcake for basic and go up again depending on detail. Filled should be .50 extra per cupcake. Candies should be the cost of the candy plus and additional charge per cupcake. Figure out how much your time is worth and how much your materials cost and add additional $ to that. You can always give a discount to people who buy in a larger quantity.
Hello, I think it is a fair price. I go to a cupcake store and they are not as elaborate and they charge 1.75 per cake.
I have the cheapest cup cakes in town and I know they taste better than any other shop's though I admit that some shops do more elaborate deco's on their cup cakes, we do have about 25 different flavors available at most times and they are all gourmet quality.  We charge $2.00 per cup cake and 50 cents to one dollar per for special decorating.  Other shops around are as much as $2.75 for one normal cup cake.

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