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Hello my dear CWB friends... It's been some long time since I last interacted with you here (busy days)... Hoping that you've all enjoyed your holidays... Belated Merry Christmas & New Year wishes to all of you :)

I need your help/ideas on my next cake. A friend of mine wants a SpongeBob cake for her son's birthday. I was planning to carve it all (a rectangular shape) then add external fondant hands & legs... I then popped into this cake mold and couldn't resist buying it, yet, I'm not sure if I bake the cake in it, how can I cover it with fondant?!! Should I cover it all in one piece of fondant, then cut the pieces (like eyes, hands, tie, mouth...) stick them on top? Or would I paint it?

Did anyone try doing a similar thing? Let me know your thoughts & thanks in advance.

Missed you all!!!! :)

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Alright... Just so that you know, I found on one of Wilton's reviews that they do cut fondant pieces and stick them on top of the fondant-covered shaped-cake; the tip here is that they use the cake mold itself to cut the fondant pieces... With mine made of silicon, I think it'll be even easier (hopefully!)

Yes you are right!!! You can use the mold and bake the cake then crumb coat it with chocolate ganache then use the mold to cut out the fondant piece by piece then attach it to the cake. Hope you will post the picture soon!!!

Thank you dear Maria... I sure will post the pic; it's scheduled for 19th January, so still some time :)

I would have had no idea, so thanks Maria for answering the question!  I will be very interested to see how it comes out Mai.

Okay... So I've just made the cake yesterday and I think it turned out good... I'll post the pics on my wall as I can't find the option to post it here!!
Here's my experience, I made a bit of both:
- I've almost painted all of the SpongeBob figure, and
- I've cut out some pieces & stuck them on the top... but it wasn't easy to use the mold itself as a pattern, so I had to dig my kitchen for objects that would fit as cutters, or cut some pieces by measurement! It was a hectic job, the shape of the mold wasn't clear on the cake after baking & frosting and I thought it would come out as a failure, but thank God, with the use of the tools, I could trace the figure on the fondant, then make all the necessary effects to show it clearly.

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