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Hi friends... Need your advice.

A friend of mine asked for a cake that looks like watermelon and the only thing I found with that flavor was a jello mix (gelatin not pudding). So I was wondering if any of you have tried adding jello powder to a box mix for flavoring.

I've read several reviews on the net and the majority agreed that it's ok to simply drop all or part of a small package (dry powder) into the batter while mixing. Few said that they've added more liquid, or an extra egg...etc. others say it was too sweet for their taste.

Wanted to know your experience on this one.

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That cake looks fantastic! I won't need to make a whole watermelon shape as the design is quite simple (just a round slice; check my first comment, I've attached a photo there)

Thank you so much Shirley for your kindess... I truly appreciate your advice.

Shirley Wilson said:

I was too late to edit that post, but here is a photo of half of what I suggested. If you baked two of these and put the flat ends together you wold have a full watermelon shape.

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