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Adding glitter, dragees, and gumpaste decorations to gumpaste mardi gras mask?

I am making a mardi gras cake for this weekend and I have the mask, letters, fleur de lis, crown, and smaller masks all cut out and ready to be decorated.  I feel like I hit a wall.  I want to add glitter, gold dragees, and some other gumpaste decoration to everything but I don't know in what order to go and what to use as glue?  Do I glitter the mask last or first and how do I glue the dragees?  Royal icing tinted gold?  I am a little lost and would SO appreciate any suggestions!  Thanks!!!  ;)  The picture of my blank canvas is under my photos....I am still trying to figure out how to move it here....I took the pic on my cell and sent it to my page.


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Picture uploaded!!!  :)  I have gold airbrush paint also so I will hand paint some things...I want the mask purple glittered with gold decorations, smaller masks the same, fleur and crown painted gold and letters purple glittered.  I am going to attempt to write happy birthday on the crown.  The number 8 is going on the fleur....and I was thinking about putting the crown on the mask.

I think adding "glitter" would be as easy as brushing the pieces with some gumpaste dissolved in warm water over the piece and then dipping it in fine sanding sugar.  To get different colors it would be just brushing the part you wanted, dip, let dry and then repeat with remaining colors. (Like if you wanted to add a stripe of yellow through the center and do the rest green or something.)  If you really want the colors to "pop" though, since you have white pieces, I would first paint the pieces with food coloring/vodka so you don't have white showing through.  Not sure how many dragees you are doing - if you're outlining the mask or what have you, but royal icing tinted to match should work beautifully.  I would glitter first, then dragee.  You can always brush off some of the sugar if it's hindering the adherance of the icing.

Thanks so much Eileen!  I got this far and just felt a little lost....I really appreciate the advice!  Have a great day!  The glitter I bought is not sanding but a little more flaky....CK brand edible glitter....I will definitely use the gumpaste glue! Thanks so much!


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